Ted Breitowich        Contact Ted
 Ted has worked in the food industry since 1995, holding various in-store positions at Foodtown                 
   Supermarkets, including: frozen dairy and grocery.
 During college, Ted worked part and fulltime for I Epstein and Sons, a major Kosher andSpecialty 
  distributor in NJ, as a merchandiser and then as a sales representative.
 Ted joined H&H after graduating with a Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University in 2002, became a 50% 
   partner in 2005, and owner in August of 2009.

Larry Iannuzzi        Contact Larry
 Larry owned and operated the Dione Lucas Gourmet Center, a specialty foods store in NJ before
   transitioning into distribution.
 Larry’s career spans 19 years at Haddon House, a premier distributor in NJ, ending as the VP of Sales for             
  Specialty Foods. He also worked as the Account Executive at the Great A&P Tea Co. for 16 years             
  managing the “specialty-natural foods” department surpassing $68 million in sales.
 As a “Brand Manager” for 5 years, Larry helped to build several companies both regionally and nationally.
 Larry joined H&H in August of 2009. 

Pat Scanlon        Contact Pat
 Pat Started in the specialty food industry in 1985. He spent 14 years at Millbrook Distribution Services,         
  holding positions from sales representative to operation manager to account manager.
 Pat then went on to spend the following 9 years with a regional food broker in the New England area.
 In 2008, Pat joined UNFI as a Category Manager where he was responsible for 14 key categories in natural 
  and specialty.
 Pat joined H&H in November of 2010 as Key Accountant Executive for the New England Marketplace.

Kat Riivald        Contact Kate
Kate joined H&H in 2008 as an administrative assistant after graduating with a Bachelor Degree from the University of Wyoming.  Her passion for natural and organic living, coupled with her special aptitude for the food industry lead to her quick promotion to a sales representative in 2009. Kate now runs the Independent Sales Division for H&H with a focus on the top Natural and Specialty retailers throughout the Northeast.mailto:ted@hhspecialtyfoods.com?subject=Inquiry%20mailto:larry@hhspecialtyfoods.com?subject=Inquirymailto:pat@hhspecialtyfoods.com?subject=Inquirymailto:kate@hhspecialtyfoods.com?subject=Inquiryshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3
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