Why H&H??

Our Strong relationships with Retailers, Distributors, and our Principals
 100% of our new lines in the last 3 years have signed through referrals from our own principals, distributors
    or retailers.  We never hide our references.
 Experts in paperwork for all of our major distributors and wholesalers
    Well versed in Tradepoint, Oak,  Wakefern and WFM Portals 

Our “Street-up” Mentality to Sales and Merchandising with a focus on Specialty and Natural
 The Owners of the Company Make Sales Calls, Tour Stores, Attend Trade shows and store Grand Openings
 Retail reporting system done on smart phones for easy to read  monthly reports from our  4 merchandisers
 Attend major resets for S&S, Shoprite, and A&P banner stores- among others.
 Participate on  the WFM NE retail team (5 days per month) and WFM MA retail team  (2 days a month)( to aid in resets and new store openings
 One of the few brokers trained in Specialty  and mass market that also writes turnover orders
 Calling on top 200 natural and specialty accounts in our territory through UNFI and  KeHE writing placement and case stack orders
 Quarterly Blitzes- to place new items

We promise to:
 Return calls and emails in a timely manner
 Process PO’s same day of receipt
 Guide our principals through  all category reviews 
 Give both the good and bad news 
 Remember that it is our principals who pay us
 Invest in our business as a way to grows yours
75 W. Front St., STE 3                Red Bank, NJ 07701                P: 732.933.4411             F: 732.933.4412
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